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CallingID business is private label. We provide all our solutions with customer logo and copyright. We let you customize the solution for your needs and we provide free maintenance as long as the solution generates revenue

Since 2008 CallingID’s technology protects millions of consumers from phishing, fraud, identity-theft and being a target of web attacks. Use of CallingID’s safe browsing technology uniquely creates a focus on only accessing reputable sites by identifying site ownership and ratings to the user before these sites are actually accessed from their browsers, emails and instant messages. It also provides real-time alerts when personal or confidential data is about to be illegitimately exposed. CallingID gives industry leading software vendors, such as Avira and Total Defense and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Comcast, a competitive edge with an easy to integrate value add solution.

The solution includes

1. Enhanced LinkAdvisor 2.0 – a complete safe browsing solution. It starts with advisor for links the user wants to follow. Before he clicks the user gets indication if it is safe to follow the link. The advisor works with Windows office applications (outlook and Word) and with browsers. LinkAdvisor 2.0 includes a toolbar that provides validation, verification and rating for every visited site. It verifies the site ownership using its comprehensive database. The toolbar also automatically scrutinizes any data sent to assure that it is being sent to the intended party. This protects users from inadvertently logging in or submitting personal information to hostile sites even if the information solicitation is injected into a safe page.


2. BasicLinkAdvisor 2.0 using small and fast toolbar that does not require restart for install and for update:

For X64:

For X32:


Supported browsers: Internet explorer 8,9,10, Firefox, Chrome.

Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7,Windows 8


OEM can get a white label product customized to its needs

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